ON English Class offers effective and reliable English Language Courses for your staff.


We do language training for foreign staff at the Workplace or on-line.

We always pay a specific attention to students’ work vocabulary, so your staff can start to use it

in line of basic grammar rules.

With our highly effective  “table method” your staff can very simply reach dedicated level of English language.

This will help the staff and the company communicate easier and your foreign staff will feel that you really care about them.

ON English Class particularly specialises in Polish staff training.

In this case, all explanations, lesson theories and instructions are in Polish,

which is highly beneficial for the students, as they can feel relaxed and comfortable to learn and also ask any questions they may have in their mother language.

We take a flexible approach to training and will structure the course around your particular needs.


This includes:

  • Training at your premises or On-line

  • TEFL qualified Polish speaking tutor with many years of teaching experience

  • Detailed training needs analysis and skills assessments

  • Thoroughly researched, tried and tested portfolio of teaching materials

  • A comprehensive range of online learning resources

  • Group or individual sessions organised on weekdays anytime between 10 am and 5 pm and where required, even beyond these times

  • Session lengths varying from 60 to 120 minutes

  • Course plan with the content and vocabulary tailored to reflect your line of work

  • The lowest prices in the market start from £11/student for 90 min session

  • Highly effective original teaching methods

  • Monthly invoice instead of full course invoice paid in advance.

  • Low number of minimum sessions per group  required for the initial contract

  • No set-up fee 

  • No hidden costs

  • Free electronic version of all learning materials sends to each student by email.

  • Only £1 fee/student / session for the printed copy of learning materials

  • A minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 students in a group for the face to face group sessions

  • A free electronic version of course certificate (PDF)

  • Well organised lessons in a great, friendly atmosphere

  • No tutor travelling fee in the Warrington area.

  • English courses on beginner, elementary and pre-intermediate level.


Language levels we can help with:


People at this level can only understand very simple vocabulary; mostly are unable to build basic sentences correctly.



People at this level can:

  • make contacts and exchange basic information (personal,work and social)

  • handle basic business telephone language

  • work with numbers (e.g. dates and figures)

  • understand simple requests and instructions

  • make basic travel arrangements and appointments

  • handle basic forms and documents


This should be the target level for people who need to use a

language in their work in basic interaction, e.g. housekeeping staff, line operatives, clerical or office staff

who have occasional contact with speakers of the language.

Pre – intermediate: 

People at this level can:

  • describe the company and its products

  • confirm and alter meeting arrangements

  • give simple instructions and explanations

  • develop contacts and exchange more specific / detailed information

  • understand and write simple business correspondence and notes

  • contribute to discussions (e.g. express opinions, agree and disagree) and make simple formulaic presentations on familiar topics


This should be the target level for people who need to work with overseas counterparts on a routine functional level, e.g.clerical staff, administrators, line supervisors, secretarial staff etc.


The hours required to move from one level to another assume the student undertakes a corresponding number of hours of self-study and revision, alongside regular training sessions.  

Students may make faster progress if they are more naturally gifted as linguists or have more opportunities to practise in the course of their work and leisure.

We generally operate in the Warrington area for all face to face group or individual English courses, but also do an on-line training worldwide.

We are an accredited CPD training provider.






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